Fresh air and peace of mind come standard with Buzy perks

Free for 90 days, $89 annually

Auto deliveries: air and water filters + batteries

Save time, money, and hassle

No commitment, cancel anytime


in free supplies!

Breath Easy

Free quarterly air filters are included with every Buzy membership. Up to 4 sizes delivered to your door right when you need them.

Stay Safe

We know you never have a 9v when you need it. Keep your family safe and your home protected with our proactive battery delivery.

Be Hydrated

Remembering the model and make of your refrigerator water filter is hard. Buzy is easy...we’ll handle this too.

Buzy Perks

Even the small things can be a hassle. When was the last time you changed the air filters, or were up at 4 a.m. when the smoke alarms started beeping, and how old is that fridge water filter?

That is why we created Buzy Perks, FREE with your annual membership. Automatic deliveries right to your doorstep!

  • Air Filters (quarterly)
  • Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Refrigerator Water Filter

A $150 value for only $89/year. That’s like $7/month. No long term commitment, cancel anytime.


Why membership?

Buzy’s membership solution is designed to remove the hassle of homeownership - that’s why we take care of those pesky items you forget about. You know, like changing your air filters every quarter. Wouldn’t it be easier if they just showed up on your doorstep? Same goes for the water filter for your fridge. Stop hitting that reset button without changing out the filtration device.

Buzy membership offers over $150 worth of value.  Saving you not just money, but time and hassle as well.  Just make sure to complete your home profile in the Buzy app. We’ll also throw in smoke alarm batteries because no one wants to be woken up at 2am at the sound of a dying battery.

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Removing the hassle of homeownership.

Quickly schedule and pay for a service within a few clicks. No need to haggle or worry about hidden fees, we've done the work for you to find industry-standard, up-front pricing. We personally vet and approve each contractor to find trusted and certified professionals. Whether you're home or away, you can trust Buzy to tackle your home's needs.

Buzy also keeps you stocked with free smoke detector batteries, air filters, and water filters with your subscription. Never ignore another chirp or filter light again!

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What's the buzz?

“Everything in life should be this simple!”

Natalie G.
What's the buzz?

“Super convenient approach to all things home maintenance”

Dan R.
What's the buzz?

"Just booked an inspection. Soooo easy to use..."

Amber P.
What's the buzz?

"I've been waiting for something like Buzy for years!"

Courtney A.